Cheshire Cat Bank (Dan-Dee, 1969)

Cheshire Cat 1969

Cheshire Cat 1969-2

Works for acid tab storage too.

Tales of Fantasy by Larry Todd (Troubador Press, 1975) (Part Two)



























In part one I give some background on the book and publisher Malcolm Whyte explains how it came to be. The material Todd covers is a very eclectic mix of ancient myth, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, pulp, children’s literature, and even poetry (Lewis Carroll, whose work was a drug culture keystone). Many of the works represented, including Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, had recently seen new editions as part of Ballantine’s popular Adult Fantasy series.

Pop (Culture) Quiz #2: Winners Announced!

PP 1982

Congrats to Eric Self, Charles Nilsen, and Don Gates, the first, second, and third place winners (respectively) of 2 Warps to Neptune’s second quiz!

Eric got a perfect score—30 out of 30. He guessed on a few, he says, and it helped that the Thriller CD has been in his car since last October. Charles got 23 out of 30, and Don got 19 out of 30. Thanks for playing, everybody. Next time I’m going to do something a little different, so stay tuned.

Here’s the answer key to quiz part deux:

  1. b (Donkey Kong Jr.)
  2. a (Belloq in ceremonial robe)
  3. Pyromania by Def Leppard
  4. c (Cthulhu Mythos) Note: as Glen B. pointed out via email, it was actually the third printing that was missing the Cthulhu Mythos.
  5. a (Krull)
  6. b (Ronin)
  7. f (Atari 7800)
  8. c (Five)
  9. b (Gorf)
  10. Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl
  11. e (The Pick-up Artist)
  12. c (The Fall Guy)
  13. b (Micronauts Rocket Tubes)
  14. Aliens
  15. b (Parker Stevenson)
  16. f (Tom Savini)
  17. g (Camelot 3000)
  18. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Baby Be Mine, The Girl is Mine, Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Human Nature, P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), The Lady in My Life

Greg Irons Art: `Strange Happenings’ Handbill, 1967

Strange Happ Irons 1967

Strange Happ Irons 1967-3

So very interesting. Steve Ditko created the Dr. Strange character in the early ’60s, and Stan Lee introduced the “Master of Black Magic” in Strange Tales #110 (1963). The Ditko/Lee creation was a reflection of the uncanny times, a generation’s embrace of all things mystical and occult. Here Irons simultaneously appropriates the Marvel “property” (there is no mention of the company or the character name) while emulating Ditko’s style and the spirit of his and Lee’s Sorcerer Supreme. Irons did at least three posters for Space Age.

California Hall is a San Francisco landmark and makes an appearance in Dirty Harry (1971) in the scene where Callahan talks down a suicide jumper.

Greg Irons Art: Berkeley Con Button, 1973

Berkeley Con Irons 1973

Berkeley Con was the first underground comix convention. It ran from April 20 through April 22, 1973 at the UC Berkeley campus and featured Jaxon, S. Clay Wilson, Trina Robbins, Greg Irons, and Larry Todd, among several other now-legends. (Bob Foster posted several photos from the con here.) The Irons button—punk before punk—was actually the three-day pass to the event.

Greg Irons, you might remember, illustrated the hell out of The Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album (1979) for Troubador Press, one of TSR’s first licensed products. I like to imagine an alternate universe where TSR hires Irons, who collaborates with Erol Otus on a series of trippy modules centering on raucous, transdimensional pirates and the sentient treasure they’re chasing. The duo eventually take over the company by sheer force of guts and talent. TSR is bankrupt by 1983, but Christ, who cares?

Irons left behind a huge body of work—he’s revered as a tattoo artist as well, so ‘body of work’ carries a significant double meaning—for someone who died so young (37).

(Image via Hake’s)

Peter Max Ads (1968 – 1973)

Max 1968

Max 1970

Max 1971

Max 1973

College Dorm Life, Circa 1972

Dorm 70s-8

Dorm 70s-6

Dorm 70s-7

Dorm 70s-5

Dorm 70s-4

Dorm 70s-3

Dorm 70s-2

Dorm 70s-1

Dorm 1972-1

The 1972 Alice Cooper calendar (close-up below) hanging on the door in the seventh photo came inside his 1971 Killer LP. That’s how I nailed down the year. Also, the “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” and “Patience My Ass” black light posters are by Art Bevacqua, copyright 1971, and the Dancers of Mali (little poster in third photo) toured the U.S. in ’71 and ’72.

I still haven’t got the location, although I know there’s something here to give it away. There’s a Courier-News clipping in the second to last photo, a New Jersey newspaper. It ain’t Princeton. The accommodations are not nearly posh enough and the kids have too much character. Rutgers? There’s also a Courier-News in Elgin, Illinois. Let me know if you know or have an idea.

AC Killer Calendar 1972

(Photos via eBay)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet, Circa 1982

AD&D Character 1981

AD&D Character 1981-2

Meet Grimlin. He’s a level 13 lawful good Elf Lord with a passable 1,900 hit points and 1,500,000 experience points. Trey tells the epic tale at his blog, From the Sorcerer’s Skull, and has a separate post about his cousin’s old school dungeon map, which contains a tower filled with “vestal virgins & such.”

There’s a lot to love about Grimlin and his myriad possessions (and “henchmen”), and everyone is going to have a favorite bit. For me, it’s the parenthetical four words under experience points on the bottom right of the second page: “(has been to college)“!

Send it all to PlaGMaDA, Trey! Grimlin deserves nothing less than immortality (although, honestly, he’s pretty much there already).

The Karate Kid Belt Buckle (Lee, 1986)

Karate Kid 1986

The merchandise train for the 1984 blockbuster didn’t start rolling until 1986, when The Karate Kid, Part II was released and Remco picked up the license for the remarkable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons toy line.

(Image via eBay)

Kung Fu Playset (Multiple Toymakers, 1975)

Multiple Kung Fu 1975-1

Multiple Kung Fu 1975-2

Multiple Kung Fu 1975-3

Multiple Kung Fu 1975-4

Multiple is going after Mattel’s Big Jim Kung Fu Studio (1974), seen below via Mrs Hoffy/Flickr. Both packages get an A+ in eye appeal. Who doesn’t love orange, yellow, fuchsia, and red?

Big Jim 1974



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